Customers’ Problems in Buying from Supermarkets in Bangladesh

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Title Customers’ Problems in Buying from Supermarkets in Bangladesh
Creator Alam, Jahangir
Subject Consumer Behavior
Supermarket; Problems; Economy; Policy; Bangladesh.
Description Consumers' preferences, satisfaction and,  loyalty towards supermarkets in Bangladesh have been studied but this study aims to identify the customers' problem in buying from the supermarkets and their socio-economic characteristics along with present scenario and economic significance of the supermarket industry in Bangladesh.  The study is empirical, mixed-method has been deployed, 400 customers of the supermarkets were surveyed by mall intercept technique through a questionnaire, 6 in-depth interviews were conducted with the supermarkets' professionals and relevant articles, publication, books, reports, journals, newspapers and websites were reviewed. Descriptive statistics, chi-square tests, and factor analysis were performed in analyzing the data. There are 211 outlets of major supermarkets in Bangladesh, which are contributing 1.49 % to the GDP and generating significant employment. Upper-middle and high class, highly educated, small family are the customers who face the major problems of high cost due to additional tax, long waiting time at the payment queue, and unnecessary purchase while shopping from the supermarkets. All the demographic characteristics have a significant relationship with these problems except the marital status and family size. The supermarket industry needs to understand the customers' psychology; concentrate on enhancing the store facility, educate people on the attributes of the supermarkets and the policymakers can initiate a proper policy in operating the supermarket business in Bangladesh.
Publisher Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Date 2021-05-01
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Empirical; Mixed research; Method
Format application/pdf
Source CBR - Consumer Behavior Review; v. 5, n. 2 (2021): maio-agosto; 215-231
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