Vibration Measurement To Determine The Level Of Damage In The Variable Speed Milling Machine Transmission System Using Overall Vibration

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Title Vibration Measurement To Determine The Level Of Damage In The Variable Speed Milling Machine Transmission System Using Overall Vibration
Pengukuran Getaran Untuk Menentukan Tingkat Kerusakan Pada Sistem Transmisi Variable Speed Mesin Milling Dengan Menggunakan Getaran Overall
Creator ariyanto, ariyanto
Subject getaran
sistem transmisi variable speed
standard getaran ISO 2372
variable speed transmission system
ISO vibration standard 2372
Description Vibration measurement on moving machine components is useful to determine the feasibility of an engine. Measurements can be made using simple tools  and the five senses or by using measuring devices. The results of vibration measurements are compared using standard comparisons or referring to similar machines. Measurement of vibration of knee type milling machine transmission system that has a variable speed transmission system is done by using the overall vibration value using a transducer which is placed in the radial and axial position. Measurements are taken on a variable speed system that is not indicated to have been damaged and on an engine that is indicated to have experienced damage. On machines that are not indicated to have damage, the overall axial direction is 0.363 mm / s rms and radial direction is 0.365 mm / s rms, compared to the ISO 2372 standard, the transmission system enters the area well. Measurements on the transmission system that experienced damage to the transmission shaft rotation 862 rpm axial direction has a vibration value of 4.5mm / s rms radial direction 3.47 mm / s rms, on the transmission shaft rotation 762 rpm axial direction 3.28 mm / s rms radial direction 1.68 mm / s rms, at 669 rpm axial direction 2.92mm / s rms on the transmission shaft, radial direction 1.32mm / s rms. From the measurement results on the transmission system which indicated damage, the overall vibration value at the axial rotation of the 862 rpm axial direction system is no longer eligible for operation, because based on the ISO 2372 vibration standard the vibration value has entered the area of ?? damage occurs.
 Pengukuran getaran pada komponen mesin yang bergerak berguna untuk menentukan kelayakan suatu mesin. Pengukuran dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan peralatan bantu sederhana dan panca indra atau dengan menggunakan peralatan ukur. Hasil pengukuran getaran dibandingkan dengan menggunakan pembanding suatu standard atau merujuk pada mesin yang sejenis. Pengukuran getaran sistem tansmisi mesin milling type knee yang mempunyai sistem transmisi  variable speed dilakukan dengan menggunakan pengambilan nilai getaran overall menggunakan tranducer yang diletakan pada posisi  radial dan aksial. pengukuran dilakukan pada sistem variable speed yang  tidak terindikasi mengalami kerusakan dan pada mesin yang terindikasi mengalami kerusakan. Pada mesin yang tidak terindikasi mengalami kerusakan diperoleh nilai overall arah aksial sebesar 0,363 mm/s rms dan arah radial 0,365 mm/s rms, jika dibandingkan dengan standard ISO 2372 sistem transmisi masuk kedalam daerah baik. Pengukuran pada sistem transmisi  yang mengalami kerusakan pada putaran poros transmisi 862 rpm arah aksial mempunyai nilai getaran 4,5mm/s rms arah radial 3,47mm/s rms , pada putaran poros transmisi 762 rpm arah aksial 3,28 mm/s rms arah radial 1,68 mm/s rms , pada putaran poros transmisi 669 rpm arah aksial 2,92mm/s rms arah radial 1,32mm/s rms. Dari hasil pengukuran pada sistem transmisi  yang terindikasi mengalami kerusakan maka nilai getaran overall pada putaran poros sistem transmisi 862 rpm arah aksial sudah tidak memenuhi syarat untuk dioperasikan, karena berdasarkan standard vibrasi ISO 2372 nilai getaran sudah memasuki daerah kerusakan.
Publisher Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bangka Belitung
Date 2019-12-31
Type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Peer-reviewed Article
Format application/pdf
Source Manutech : Jurnal Teknologi Manufaktur; Vol. 11 No. 02 (2019): Manutech : Jurnal Teknologi Manufaktur; 57-63
Language eng
Rights Copyright (c) 2019 Manutech : Jurnal Teknologi Manufaktur

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