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JOSSAE : Journal of Sport Science and Education (24 Records)

The journal contains research results in sports science which are published twice a year in April and October by the Faculty of Sport Science at Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Journal of Knowledge Globalization (89 Records)

The objective of Journal of Knowledge Globalization (JKG) is to promote the sharing of knowledge globally. To give it more focus, we consider our domain to be that of promoting knowledge that is multidisciplinary and global in intent.   We encourage manuscripts that are both conceptual ...

journal AL-MUDARRIS (24 Records)

AL-MUDARRIS: adalah jurnal ilmiah yang berkala dan diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Pendidikan Guru Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (PGMI) (ISSN online 2620-4355 dan print ISSN 2620-5831) Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (STAI) Ma'had Aly Al-Hikam Malang. Jurnal ini dikhususkan untuk mengkaji strategi pembelajaran, ...

Journal An-Nafs: Kajian Penelitian Psikologi (48 Records)

Journal An-Nafs: The journal puts emphasis on aspects related of educational psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, psychology industry, physiological psychology, diagnostic psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, mysticism and psychotherapy ...

Journal de Ciencias Sociales (171 Records)

El Journal de Ciencias Sociales es la Revista Académica de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Palermo. Publica artículos, ensayos y contribuciones provenientes de las distintas disciplinas que conforman el campo de las Ciencias Sociales: Ciencia Política, ...

Journal Di@logus (1043 Records)

Di@logus is a quartertly journal linked to the Postgraduate Program in Sociocultural Practices and Social Development of UNICRUZ. Its mission is to provide a dialogical and autonomous space in the socialization of knowledge in the different fields of knowledge. The scientific contributions destined ...

Journal Didaskalia (6 Records)

Journal  Didaskalia published by STTII Surabaya as a means of developing evangelical values in Christian Religious Education by focusing on spiritual, knowledge and teaching skills of Christian education. Scientific work using educational and general study using Bible, field research and ...

Journal Dimensi Universitas Riau Kepulauan (1175 Records)

Jurnal DIMENSI adalah Jurnal ilmiah Universitas Riau Kepulauan Batam yang merupakan wadah bagi para peneliti/researcher dalam disiplin ilmu Ekonomi, Bisnis, Teknik, Pendidikan, Hukum dan Ilmu SosialJurnal Dimensi adalah jurnal yang terbit tiga  kali setahun berisi disiplin ilmu pendidikan ...

Journal Direito e Justiça: Reflexões Sociojurídicas (73 Records)

A Revista Direito e Justiça: Reflexões Sociojurídicas tem como objetivo atuar como instrumento de propagação das reflexões e construções do conhecimento acerca dos Novos Direitos, estimulando o debate, o questionamento e o desenvolvimento ...

Journal Direitos Culturais (18 Records)

Linha EditorialA Revista Direitos Culturais, elaborada pelo Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Direito – Mestrado e Doutorado da URI, Campus de Santo Ângelo, é publicada quadrimestralmente e aceita colaborações de artigos ...

journal EVALUASI (44 Records)

EVALUASI: Jurnal Manajemen Pendidikan Islam dengan (P-ISSN 2580-3387 dan E-ISSN 2615-2886) adalah jurnal ilmiah yang berkala dan diterbitkan oleh Prodi Manajemen Pendidikan Islam Fakultas Tarbiyah STAI Ma`had Aly Al-Hikam Malang. Jurnal ini dikhususkan untuk mengkaji ilmu Manajemen Pendidikan ...

Journal for Deradicalization (152 Records)

he Journal for Deradicalization (JD) is the only independent and peer reviewed online journal about the theory and practice of deradicalization and processes of radicalization worldwide. The JD is published four times per year (quarterly) by the editorial team, which previously created and ...

Journal for Foreign Languages (214 Records)

JOURNAL FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGES is a multidisciplinary journal in the field of linguistics, literature and foreign language teaching. Journal encourages the integration of linguistic disciplines and enhances the dialogue between different theoretical orientations and practice.

Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology (59 Records)

While the rapid advance of imaging technologies in ophthalmology is making available a continually increasing number of data, the interpretation of such data is still very challenging and this hinders the advance in the understanding of ocular diseases and their treatment. Interdisciplinary ...

Journal for Quality in Public Health (5 Records)

JOURNAL FOR QUALITY IN PUBLIC HEALTH published by Master Program of Public Health Strada Health Science. This journal contains knowledge and research related to health. This journal is published regularly twice a year.

Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education (61 Records)

Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education is a Nordic and international, open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality original articles about research in the field of arts education, sports education and physical education.

Journal for the History of Reformed Pietism (33 Records)

The Journal for the History of Reformed Pietism publishes about the history of reformed pietism.

Journal für Kulturpflanzen (1436 Records)

The Journal für Kulturpflanzen (Journal of Cultivated Plants) publishes peer-reviewed English and German original and review articles in the field of cultivated plants, namely field crops, forage and herbage crops, fruits and grapevine, vegetables and ornamentals, urban green and forests. ...


Jurnal ini merupakan media publikasi dosen-dosen, mahasiswa Jurusan Gizi Politekkes Gorontalo dan tenaga kesehatan yang memuat artikel-artikel ilmiah, penelitian-penelitian berkaitan dengan kesehatan, gizi masyarakat, gizi klinik, gizi institusi serta teknologi pangan. Jurnal ini diterbitkan 2 kali ...

Journal Ilmu Kesehatan (40 Records)

Journal of health Science (Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan) Adalah Jurnal Resmi Yang Diterbitkan Oleh Fakultas Ilmu Kesehatan Universitas Wiraraja Sebagai Media Pengembangan Keilmuan dalam bidang kesehatan, Jurnal ini terbit 2 kali dalam setahun yaitu pada bulan Mei dan Bulan November. Jurnal ini ...

Journal ISTIGHNA (28 Records)

ISTIGHNA Journal of Islamic Education ISSN 1979-2824 (Print) and ISSN 2655-8459 (Online) is a journal published twice a year by STIT ISLAMIC VILLAGE. This journal emphasizes aspects related to Islamic Education and Islamic thought, with special reference to applied research in Islamic ...

Journal Kerugma (7 Records)

Jurnal Teologi Kerugma diterbitkan oleh STTII Surabaya sebagai sarana pengembangan Teologi Injili Evangelikal dan Interdenominasi. Tulisan yang meliputi penafsiran, paparan, studi dan analisis alkitabiah dan aplikatif untuk mendukung perkembangan dunia teologi dan pelayanan kepada orang-orang.

Journal Kerusso (35 Records)

The Kerusso community service and Christian service journal published by STTII Surabaya as a means of developing 'Imani' and Interdenominational Evangelical Theology through written works based on expository Bible teaching. The papers presented include exegesis studies, expositions, field ...

Journal Knowledge Industrial Engineering (JKIE) (31 Records)

Journal of Knowledge Industrial Engineering (JKIE) is a journal published by Department of Industrial Engineering University of Yudharta Pasuruan (UYP) with a focus and scope related to engineering and industrial management.

Journal Nursing Care and Biomolecular (73 Records)

Journal Nursing Care & Biomoleculer is nursing journal in the form of research, literature and case studies. Consisting of various fields of Nursing include Emergency Nursing, Critical Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Child Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Soul Nursing, Family and Gerontic ...

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