International Conference of Moslem Society

The Muslim society  in this digital era  is at the bottom of the ladder. In Politics, Muslims today are too reactive to external noise and 'insecure' about themselves by being sucked into the political sphere. They are eager to seize the world's hegemony from the West, so eager to maintain control of power on all fronts. But unfortunately they forgot, that Western hegemony was built not merely from the political aspect. The hegemony was built from various fields. And science is one of them. And in fact, science is one of many weaknesses of Muslims that could be the key to its awakening but often forgotten. In the field of law, the level of corruption is rampant in the governments of Muslim-majority countries. They - though not all - are politicized just for the sake of power and wealth. The development of the country let alone the people, not the top priority. And the law has not been able to control this problem. The data show that the world's largest Muslim-majority country is an embarrassing example of corruption. In the case of the Economy, the Muslim society  is still underdeveloped, Their production of goods and services is far below necessity, their needs are met by importing goods from the colonial state. The pleasures of nature given by God are much neglected and much exploited by economic colonialists. In terms of education. the negative impact of Western colonization in Asia. As we know, Muslim-majority nations are in Asia. In times of Western oppression, Muslim-dominated Eastern nations like Indonesia are also stuck in the development of science. the educational characteristics of Muslim societies that are less responsive to the times. Conservatism in all their deep-rooted lines of education makes Muslims very difficult to develop science. The result of this underdeveloped education is the lower quality of education, which in turn produces low quality human resources. Coupled with the ignorance of the government and the Muslim community in the development of education, the improvement of science in Muslim countries is not a top priority. Based on the background of the above problem, IAIN Post Graduate Purwokerto, as one of the base of education in the stratum of master and doctor of IAIN Purwokerto, held International Conference of Muslim Society, by inviting various universities, both lecturers and researchers to discuss Problematic and analysis of research results in the field, education, economics, law, communications, politics of Muslim communities in the ASEAN region. International Conference was held in IIUM (International Islamic University  Malaysia) Malaysia on 23 April 2018. Followed by various  University  in Indonesia, Malaysia, and some even from Nigeria. Attending the conference was Prof Thameem (The Director of the Center for Islamization, IIUM Malaysia). Prf. Dr. Akmal Khuzairy Abd.Rahman (IIUM Malaysia), Dr.Abdul Basit ( The Director of Postgraduate Program of IAIN Purwokerto), Speakers of International Conference of Muslim Society-ICMS, Prof. Imtiyaz (Mahidol University Thailand), Dr Arkam (IIUM Malaysia), Dr.Azharsyah (UIN Arraniry Aceh-Indonesia) and Dr. Sulkhan Chakim (IAIN Purwokerto-Indonesia). This conference discusses muslim society in Digital era  in Asean Countries,  especialy  in economic, education, law, communication and Islamic studies. Through this ICMS, We hope there will be contribution for progress muslim society. In addition  that all Institutions from which the participants arrive will be able to build a collaboration in academic field, most especially research.

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