Single-molecule photochemical reactions of Auger-ionized quantum dots

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Title Single-molecule photochemical reactions of Auger-ionized quantum dots
Creator Hamada, Morihiko
Shibu, Edakkattuparambil Sidharth
Itoh, Tamitake
Kiran, Manikantan Syamala
Nakanishi, Shunsuke
Ishikawa, Mitsuru
Biju, Vasudevanpillai; AIST
Subject quantum dots; single-molecule; electron transfer; Auger ionization; CdSe/ZnS; photoluminescence; photochemical reaction
Description Photoinduced electron transfer in donor-acceptor systems composed of quantum dots (QDs) and electron donors or acceptors is a subject of considerable recent research interest due to the potential applications of such systems in both solar energy harvesting and degradation of organic pollutants. Herein, we employed single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy techniques for the detection of photochemical reactions between 1,4-diaminobutane (DAB) and CdSe/ZnS single QDs. We investigated the reactions by analyzing photoluminescence (PL) intensity and lifetime of QDs at ensemble and single-molecule levels. While DAB was applied to single QDs tethered on a cover slip or QDs dispersed in a solution, PL intensity of QD continuously decreased with a concomitant increase in the PL lifetime. Interestingly, these changes in the PL properties of QD were predominant under high-intensity photoactivation. We hypothesize that the above changes in the PL properties surface due to the transfer of an electron from DAB to Auger-ionized QD followed by elimination of a proton from DAB and the formation of a QD-DAB adduct. Thus, a continuous decrease in the PL intensity of QDs under high-intensity photoactivation is attributed to continuous photochemical reactions of DAB with single QDs and the formation of QD-(DAB)n adducts. We believe that detection and analysis of such photochemical reactions of single QDs with amines will be of considerable broad interest due to the significant impact of photoinduced electron transfer reactions in energy management and environmental remediation.Keywords: quantum dots; single-molecule; electron transfer; Auger ionization; CdSe/ZnS; photoluminescence; photochemical reaction(Published: 13 October 2011)Citation: Nano Reviews 2011, 2: 6366 - DOI: 10.3402/nano.v2i0.6366
Publisher Co-Action Publishing
Contributor None
Date 2011-10-13
Type info:eu-repo/semantics/article

Format application/pdf
Source Nano Reviews & Experiments; Vol 2 (2011) incl Supplements
Language eng

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