Electric-field controlled ferromagnetism in MnGe magnetic quantum dots

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Title Electric-field controlled ferromagnetism in MnGe magnetic quantum dots
Creator Xiu, Faxian
Wang, Yong
Zou, Jin
Wang, Kang L.
Subject Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors, Spintronics, Nonvolatile, Mn0.05Ge0.95, Quantum Dots, Electric Field Controlled Ferromagnetism, Magnetic Polarons
Description Electric-field control of ferromagnetism in magnetic semiconductors at room temperature has been actively pursued as one of the important approaches to realize practical spintronics and non-volatile logic devices. While Mn-doped III-V semiconductors were considered as potential candidates for achieving this controllability, the search for an ideal material with high Curie temperature (Tc>300 K) and controllable ferromagnetism at room temperature has continued for nearly a decade. Among various dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMSs), materials derived from group IV elements such as Si and Ge are the ideal candidates for such materials due to their excellent compatibility with the conventional complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Here, we review recent reports on the development of high-Curie temperature Mn0.05Ge0.95 quantum dots (QDs) and successfully demonstrate electric-field control of ferromagnetism in the Mn0.05Ge0.95 quantum dots up to 300 K. Upon the application of gate-bias to a metaloxide- semiconductor (MOS) capacitor, the ferromagnetism of the channel layer (i.e. the Mn0.05Ge0.95 quantum dots) was modulated as a function of the hole concentration. Finally, a theoretical model based upon the formation of magnetic polarons has been proposed to explain the observed field controlled ferromagnetism. Keywords: diluted magnetic semiconductors; spintronics; nonvolatile; Mn0.05Ge0.95; quantum dots; electric-field controlled ferromagnetism; magnetic polarons (Published: 7 March 2011) Citation: Nano Reviews 2011, 2: 5896 - DOI: 10.3402/nano.v2i0.5896
Publisher Co-Action Publishing
Contributor We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Western Institute of Nanoelectronics (WIN), the Intel Spin-Gain FET project, and the Australian Research Council.
Date 2011-03-07
Type info:eu-repo/semantics/article

Format application/pdf
Identifier http://www.nanoreviewsexperiments.net/index.php/nano/article/view/5896
Source Nano Reviews & Experiments; Vol 2 (2011) incl Supplements
Language eng
Relation http://www.nanoreviewsexperiments.net/index.php/nano/article/view/5896/7872

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