Nutritional requirements of freshwater ornamental fish: a review

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Title Nutritional requirements of freshwater ornamental fish: a review
Creator Velasco-Santamaría, Yohana
Corredor-Santamaría, Wilson
Description The knowledge of nutritional requirements in ornamental fish species is essential to improve the productive development; however, the nutritional information of these species is scarce and sometimes this information is extrapolated from results obtained from nonornamental fish species. In ornamental fish, a correct formulation of the diet improve the nutrient digestibility and supply the metabolic needs, reducing the maintenance cost and at the same time the water pollution. Inert food such as meal powder, flakes, milk powder, bovine heart and liver, tubifex worms, as well as live food including Artemia sp., rotifers and Moina have been used extensively in ornamental fish feeding with a diverse range of nutritional values and productive properties. In contrast with farmed fish, skin pigmentation is a mandatory characteristic in ornamental fish and the use of dietary supplements with carotenoids is recommended. The aim of this document is to review the specific nutritional requirements which are indispensable to improve economical and productive potential of freshwater ornamental fish. Key words: Aquarium fish, carotenoids, energy, lipids, ornamental fish, protein, vitamins. (Sources: AIMS, CAB).
Publisher Universidad de Córdoba
Date 2011-05-10
Type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Format application/pdf
Source Journal MVZ Cordoba; Vol 16 No 2 (2011): Revista MVZ Córdoba Volumen 16(2) Mayo-Agosto 2011; 2458-2469
Revista MVZ Córdoba; Vol. 16 Núm. 2 (2011): Revista MVZ Córdoba Volumen 16(2) Mayo-Agosto 2011; 2458-2469
Language spa
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