Scientific Bulletin of the Institute of International Relations at NAU. Series: economics,law,political science,tourism

The collection of   papers   deals with topical issues   of contemporary international relations , economics, law  and tourism. Language : Ukrainian,  Russian, English Founded: 2008 Problems: The collection of papers deals with topical issues of contemporary international relations, economics, law and tourism. Certificate of registration: KB № 14081-3052 from 19.05.2008 P Professional registration in WAC Ukraine: Resolution № 1-05/7 of 13.12.2000 Field of Science: Engineering Frequency: 4 times a year Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed language) Founder of National Aviation University Chief Editor: Mourning IV, doctor Deputy Editor: Antipenko VF, LL.D., Balabanov GV, Doctor of Geographical Sciences; Tatarenko N., PhD Executive Secretary: Sokolovskaya TV Editorial Board Members: For the economy: Arefyeva OV, Dr. Econ.  Science; Bilenko TI, PhD.  Econ.  Sciences, Demin O., PhD.  Econ.  Science; Zhavoronkova GV, Dr. Econ.  Science; M. Zuk, Dr. Econ.  Science; Zagorulko VM, Dr. Econ.  Science; Kulaev YF, Dr. Econ.  Science; Lozhachevska AM, Dr. Econ.  Sciences, V. Novitsky, Dr. Econ.  Science; Pakhomov YM, Acad.  National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Rybalkin VA, Dr. Econ.  Science; Chuzhikov VI, Dr. Econ.  Science For political science: Vladimirov V., Doctor of Philology.  Science; Hrilihes IV, PhD.  Philology.  Science; Grubov VM, Dr. flight.  Science; Kryvosheya GP candidate.  East.  Science; Potyatynnyk BV, Doctor of Philology.  Science; Rzhevska NF candidate.  flight.  Science; Sievers VA, Dr. Philos. Science; Tupchiienko LS, PhD.  flight.  sciences, AM Fomenko, PhD.  Philosophy.  Science On questions of law: Borodin, IL, Dr. Legal.  Science; Dihtiyevskyy PV, Dr. Legal.  Sciences, A. Kozlovsky, Dr. Legal.  Science; Kubalskyy VN candidate.  Legal. Science; Marushchak AI, Dr. Legal.  Sciences, V. Nazarov, Dr. Legal.  Science For tourism: Wisniewski VI, Dr. geography.  Science; Dudnik IM, Dr. geography.  Science; Lyubitseva OO, Dr geography.  Science; Pestushko VY, PhD. Geography.  science, LM Tkachuk, PhD.  Geography.  Science; Uvarov GS, PhD.  ped.  Science; Yakovenko IM, Dr. geography.  Sciences, BP Yatsenko, Dr. geography.  Science Editorial address: National Aviation University Institute of International Relations Ave.  Komarova, 1, Kyiv-80, Ukraine, 03680 Tel.: (044) 497-32-63, 406-76-15 E-mail:

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